MARES                                                                                                             CINAMAZING xx ("HOLLY") Waquoit xx / Bounding Basque xx/ Forever Casting xx

Breed: Thoroughbred                                   Height:  16hh                                DOB: 7 April 2002               

Reg:       JC, and MMB German Oldenburg Verband (GOV) approved      Colour: Bay, star, stripe





Cinamazing (barn name: "Holly") is a German Oldenburg breeding approved Thoroughbred. 


At her inspection, she was awarded top scores of the day (7's) for her head, and for breed/sex type. GOV site judges were highly knowledgeable and complimentary regarding her pedigree which is solid with good performers, and not only for the race track: Jumpers come from Grey Dawn II  through Herbager in both her sire and dam's lines; Graustark is a Ribot son, also known for producing excellent Event horses and Show jumpers; La Basque goes back to Nasrullah, one of the all-time great sporthorse lines with 87 x separate descendants in jumping disciplines;


Heliopolis has also made a huge contribution to performance horses. The great athlete and jumper Jet Run was out of a mare by Heliopolis’ son, Heliodorus and winner of no less than three Pan American Games Gold Medals (two for the U.S., one for Mexico), the World Cup Final, the President's Cup, the AGA Horse of the Year title, two World Championship Bronze Medals, and innumerable Grand Prix and individual competitions. Meanwhile yet another son, Grey Eagle was the sire of A Little Bit, a silver medalist at the Pan American Games.


Dam, Casting Cinema goes back twice to Princequillo, also one of the top sire lines of sporthorses in the USA during the 80's and 90's (Dr. Birdsall).  Finally, sire Waquoit is the multi-millionaire racing champion internationally renowned for his all-rounder offspring. This stallion was a consistent producer of athletic and talented sporthorses - many are excellent jumpers and predominantly tall and well developed, with good movement and very good minds.

Waquoit xx


In Reality

Intentionally (Intent)

My Dear Girl (Rough 'n Tumble)

Foggy Note

The Axe II (Mahmoud)

Silver Song (Royal Note)

Grey Parlo

Grey Dawn II 

Herbager (Vandale)

Polamia (Mahmoud)


Graustark (Ribot)

Parlo (Heliopolis)

Casting Cinema xx

Bounding Basque

Grey Dawn II

Herbager (Vandale)

Palomia (Mahmoud)

La Basque

Jean-Pierre (Prince John)

Lady Dulcinea (Nantallah)

Movie Casting

Forever Casting

Kaskaskia (Catullus)

Ever Amber (Ambiorix)

Quills Dream

Vice Regent (Northern Dancer)

Sharp Quill (Lord Quillo)


Bright eyed, affectionate, transparent and honest.  Not a devious bone anywhere, this mare is never mean spirited and utterly fearless.  She follows you around to inspect your barn chores, has her nose inches from your ear watching how you fix fencing or open and close doors and latches, and prefers to march up to whatever is bothering her for a face-off rather than turn and flee.  Evidently, Holly feels inedible and indelible!  Old plastic bedding or feed bags that rustle and puff and move like ghosts are wonderous things and Holly will shove her entire head so deeply into the bag she has to pinch her eyes closed in case she scratches a cornea! Holly's athletic heritage and lovely temperament manifests in her foals as confident, inquisitive and tractable youngsters; people oriented horses that are bold, easy to handle and easy to train.
Conformationally, Holly has out-produced herself with her two foals and lets the sire shine through, each time. She is proving to be an extremely useful broodmare to match with stallions.











2007 gelding: Cairo

by Coromino (Corofino / Romino / Athlet Z)

 Photo, Left: At 3rd birthday










Cairo was one of just four to achieve Premium status in a class of 13 foals, noteworthy as he was the sole TB-cross, and the only jumper-bred foal to be awarded.  Now, at 17 hh and just turned 4yo, this gelding has developed into a wonderfully solid yet elegant horse with a good mind, loads of presence and three quality gaits.




               2009 filly: April Fame  (Photo, Right)

                                by Apiro  (Argentinus / Pilot / Cyrus)


Look at that shoulder! This compact yet graceful, gloriously coloured  filly comes wrapped in a creamy bronze package with lovely markings and a blonde tail.  Much like her dam, April is sassy, clever and very affectionate and conformationally bears great resemblance to her sire lines. 


More about her on our FOR SALE page. 





RUSSIA  Coromino / Rodero / Graf Grannus

Breed:  Hanoverian x Holsteiner                         Height: Est 17hh at maturity                    DOB: 17 June 2009                   Reg: German Oldenburg Verband (GOV)         Colour: Bay, star, white sock (LH)



Premium at her German Oldenburg (GOV) inspection, Russia hasn't had an ugly day in her life - entirely bypassing the lanky yearling and awkward 2yo stage.  This is going to be a beautiful, tall mare.




Corrado I

Cor de la Bryere (Rantzau xx)

Soleil  (Capitol I)

Valeska IV

Fernando (Farnese)

Option  (Lord)

Gina Ginelli


Ramiro (Raimond)

Ingeli  (Moltke I)

Zarah IV

Athlet Z (Alme Z)

Candida  (Wahnfried)




Ramiro (Raimond)

Wonne I  (Calypso II)

Dubarry ST. PR.

Diadem (Diskus)

Malaia  (Malachit)

Gräfin Maritza

Graf Grannus

Grannus (Graphit)

Goldmaedel  (Goldlowe)


Calypso II  (Cor de la Bryere)

Geri  (Gotthard)



RAPHIOLA ("DALLAS") Rio Grande / Golden Miller / Dobrock        SOLD!     

Breed:  Hanoverian                                                                   Height: 16.2hh                                 DOB: 23 April 2000                   Reg: German Oldenburg Verband (GOV)                         Colour: Bay, star, white sock (LH)





German Oldenburg (GOV) mare with one third State Premium mares in her first five generations, she possesses some of the very best sporthorse producing pedigrees. Raphiola’s traditional Hanoverian bloodlines once considered somewhat passé, are fast gaining renewed respect and attraction in European registries as the pillars of modern day breeding  due to their renowned, consistently high contribution value to quality. Her pedigree combination has no weaknesses: Superior performance, rideability, good movement and jumping ability are strongly represented in her bloodlines.


Rio Grande



Raimond (Ramzes x)

Valine (Cottage Son xx)


Abhang I (Abglanz)

Wotansmeise (Wotan)



Wulf (Futurist I)

Jurarose ST.PR. (Juragold)


Pik Koenig (Pik As xx)

Waldfee  (Wolfsburg)


Golden Miller


Goldfisch II (Goldammer II)

Ampa (Amateur I)


Alderschild (Ferro xx)

Axtwarte  ST.PR. (Axtfeld)

Dosanna III ST.PR.


Don Carlos (Duktus)

Die Heubsche ST.PR. (Dirk xx)

Santora ST.PR.

Santos (Semper)

Jamara (Jasmin)


Barn name: "Dallas" in theme for her sire Rio Grande and her star being the perfect, slanted shape of a cowboy bust!  Dam Gina is also a premium imported mare dually talented in dressage and jumping and sire Rio Grande hardly needs introduction. Imported from Germany as 3yo, he was the winner of his stallion performance test with 135 points, and  Basic Dressage champion at Tournament of Champions as 5yo.  Successful international show jumping career, contesting the 1996 World Cup Final and qualifying for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games under Eric Lamaze, before being retired to stud in 2001. Leading Living Sire of Hunters - USEF ranking- 2005.


Dallas went straight to the breeding shed as a young mare and did not compete, however, at liberty and while free jumping she is light and floaty with a cat-like jump reminiscent of her sire. Her good movement in all three gaits and effortless ability over obstacles showcases strong versatility in both jumping and dressage disciplines.  Her maternal sister by Feiner Stern is also a multiple premium foal producer whose Sagnol filly is currently retained in Orion Dressage Sporthorses' breeding program.



2004 colt:  Ebay by El Bundy (Escudo I/ Rebel Z/ Carneval).  German Oldenburg Verband (GOV) registered premium colt currently owned by clients of Sergio Campos.  In 2006 when Ebay was in training with Carly Campbell Cooper (ON) she cited him as “a lovely mover with an exciting jump!” He's a tall, dark bay now  competing as "Iron Mike". 


2005 filly: Simply The Best by Couleur-Rubin (Cordalmé / Grannus / Ramino) This performance mare is now owned and ridden by World Equestrian Games (WEG) competitor Pablo Barrios (VEN) who rides for G&C Farms.

1st - 2010 Wellington Fla., Young Jumper Championship (YJC)  $1,000 5yo class. 

1st - 2011  FTI Winter Equestrian Festival - Adequan $1,500 6yo class.


          Simply The Best

Photo above: Randi Muster/Mustphoto Inc.




Video 1:   4yo - First show


Video 2:  5 yo




 Full article: :  ". . . Barrios has been very pleased with her performances this year. He pointed out, “She did 10 weeks at WEF and was clear in every class. I think she's going to be a superstar. She's fast, careful, nice to ride, and is very smart. . .


2009 colt: Capitol Riot by Cardento (Capitol I / Lord / Sacramento Song xx) is her first foal for us.  For more about him, click on FOR SALE link in the menu. 


For more info on her 2011 foal by Incolor (Indoctro / Argentinus / BallyBoy xx) go to our BREEDING page. 

UPDATE: Dallas has moved to her new home at Formosus Sporthorses in Alberta!